Thursday, 20 October 2016

WWE No Mercy 2016 Review

WWE No Mercy 2016 took place on Sunday 9th October at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California. With 8 matches on the card, will we see the end of Dolph Ziggler's career? Let's take a look.

The match on the Kick Off Show was The Vaudevillians and The Ascension taking on The Hype Bros and American Alpha. Zack Ryder is the focus of his opponents' attack before he gets the tag to Jason Jordan. In the end, Aiden English hits Grand Amplitude on Aiden English to get the win. A quite entertaining match to start the event.
Winners: The Hype Bros and American Alpha (N/A)

In a surprise, the WWE World Championship match was on first with John Cena and Dean Ambrose challenging AJ Styles. The match starts at a thousand miles an hour. Highlights of the match include: styles hitting a double DDT; Cena hitting Styles with a code red; all of the guys putting sleepers on each other; and Cena hitting a double five knuckle shuffle. Ambrose puts Styles in the calf killer but Cena, because he's a dick, also puts Styles in the STF and Styles taps out. The referee restarts the match and Ambrose hits dirty deeds on Cena but Styles pulls out the referee. In the end, Cena hits an avalanche AA on Ambrose but Styles immediately hits Cena with a chair then pins him to win the match. This was such a great match and I can't wait to see what Styles does next.
Winner: AJ Styles (1for 1)

Next is Nikki Bella taking on Carmella. Nikki immediately gets the upper hand before she gets thrown into the ring skirting. Carmella gets Nikki in the code of silence but Nikki gets to the ropes. The end comes when Nikki hits the TKO seemingly out of fucking nowhere to get the win. I was convinced that, from how the match started, that it would degenerate into a cat fight. Thankfully, that didn't happen and it was quite a good match.
Winner: Nikki Bella (2 for2)

We now get The Usos challenging Heath Slater and Rhyno for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship. The Usos get the advantage after hitting Slater with a brutal clothesline. Rhyno gets tagged in but he gets worn down quite quickly. rhyno hits Jimmy Uso with a spinebuster and tags in Slater. and they get the win after Rhyno gores Jimmy. This was quite a good match between the teams.
Winners: Heath Slater and Rhyno (3 for3)

Next is Jack Swagger taking on Baron Corbin. Corbin focuses on Swagger;s right hand after trapping it in the steel steps. Swagger makes his comeback but it was in vain as Corbin pokes him in the eye then hits the End of Days. The match wasn't anything special to be honest.
Winner: Baron Corbin (4 for4)

Dolph Ziggler's career is on the line as he challenges Hollywood Miz for the Intercontinental Championship. Both guys try to end the match early before Miz gets the advantage. Ziggler makes a brief comeback with a dropkick before they go back and forth. Miz uses the figure four, 2 skull crushing finales and even has the help of the fucking Spirit Squad to help him win but he can't keep Ziggler down. In the end, Maryse and the Spirit Squad get ejected by the referee. The Miz complains then he walks into a super kick and Ziggler is the new Intercontinental Champion. This was a really good match and it begs the question: why wasn't this the main event?
Winner: Dolph Ziggler (5 for 5)

It was revealed that Becky Lynch is not able to compete due to injury. Therefore, no 1 contender Alexa Bliss will face Naomi instead. Naomi gets the win after reversing a cross armbreaker into a small package. It was quick match which was pretty good. However, I don't think that Bliss, the number 1 contender, should have lost.
Winner: Naomi (N/A)

The main event is Bray Wyatt taking on Randy Orton..? Great? Anyway, after some back and forth, Wyatt gets the advantage when he pushes Orton from the apron into the barricade. Orton mounts a comeback and hits an elevated DDT. When he's about to go for the RKO, the lights go out and come back on, revealing the return of Luke Harper. This distraction gives Wyatt to hit Sister Abigail and get the win. The match was ok and I do not get why this was the main event. This was Bray's first PPV win since July 2105. However, I guarantee that it won't get another one for a while.
Winner: Bray Wyatt (5 for 6)

I thought that No Mercy was an ok event. The WWE World Championship match went on first due to the Presidential Debate. It doesn't make sense mainly because it isn't on TV. You either watching it on PPV or on the Network, which is a streaming service. As for having Bray vs Orton as the main event, that did not make sense. Ziggler vs Miz had the better story plus it had Ziggler's career on the line. I assume they did it because technically Orton is the bigger star but that shouldn't always be the case. Hopefully, they'll learn that lesson at the next Smackdown Pay Per View.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

WWE No Mercy 2016 Preview

WWE No Mercy will be taking place this Sunday at the Golden 1 Centre in Sacramento. With 7 matches on the card, will we see the end of a career? Let's take a look.

Jack Swagger will take on Baron Corbin on the Kick Off Show. I'm going for Corbin to win here.
Predicted Winner: Baron Corbin

Nikki Bella will finally get her hands on Carmella in a match that I'm quite looking forward to. I think that Nikki will win.
Predicted Winner: Nikki Bella

Randy Orton versus Bray Wyatt on the other hand is one match that I'm struggling to give a fuck about. Only because I can't remember the last time that Bray won a match on PPV, I'm going for Orton to get the victory.
Predicted Winner: Randy Orton

The Smackdown Tag Team Championship are on the line as The Usos challenge Heath Slater and Rhyno. This is a tough one but I'm going for Slater and Rhyno to retain.
Predicted Winners: Heath Slater and Rhyno

Alexa Bliss will be challenging Becky Lynch for the Smackdown Women's Championship. I'm a big fan of both ladies and I would like to see Alexa as Champion. However, I feel that they will give Becky a decent title reign so I think that she will win.
Predicted Winner: Becky Lynch

Dolph Ziggler will be challenging Hollywood Miz for the Intercontinental Championship. If Ziggler loses, he must retire. This is an interesting match to talk about. I'm a big fan of Miz but I feel that his reign is about to end. I'm going for Ziggler to win.
Predicted Winner: Dolph Ziggler

In the main event Dean Ambrose and John Cena will challenge AJ Styles in a triple threat match for the WWE World Championship. I can see either one of the guys winning, especially Cena. However, Styles has been a fucking joy to watch and I think that he will retain here.
Predicted Winner: AJ Styles

I'll be watching during the week so I'll post my review at the end of next week. I hope you guys enjoy the show.

Monday, 3 October 2016

WWE Clash of Champions 2016 Review

WWE Clash of Champions, which is the first RAW exclusive Pay-Per-View in over 9 years, took place this Sunday at the Banker's Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. With every RAW Championship on the line, how will RAW look afterwards? Let's take a look.

The match on the Kick Off Show is Nia Jax taking on Alicia Fox. Alicia immediately goes on the offense, surprising Nia. However, it is quickly dealt with and despite a brief flurry by Alicia, Nia hits a Samoan drop to get the win. The match was ok but I slightly worry about what they're doing with Nia. Hopefully she will be in the Championship picture in the near future.
Winner: Nia Jax (1 for 1)

The first match on the show is for the RAW Tag Team Championships as Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson challenge Kofi Kingston and Big E from The New Day. Gallows immediately destroys Big E with a clothesline and this gives Anderson the chance hit Kofi with a running powerbomb then continue his assault. Big E does recover and gets tagged in by Kofi. Later on, Gallows and Anderson go for the magic killer for Kofi but are unsuccessful. In the end, Xavier Woods hits Anderson with the trombone Francesca and Kofi and Big E hit the midnight hour to get the win. A really enjoyable match to start the show although I don't like it when faces use heel tactics to win matches.
Winners: The New Day (1 for 2)

The next match is for the Cruiserweight Championship as The Brian Kendrick challenges TJ Perkins. Perkins goes for the kneebar early on but Kendrick starts to focus on the head and neck, applying straightjacket moves. Perkins does get back into it and gets the win after applying the kneebar. It was a good match but based on the amazing matches that we had in the Cruiserweight Classic, I do wonder if it could have been better.
Winner: TJ Perkins (2 for 3)

We now get the final match in a best of 7 series between Cesaro and Sheamus. Both guys get to use some unique offense against their opponent such as Cesaro hitting a 619. The end comes when the fight goes to the outside and Cesaro clotheslines Sheamus into the crowd. Medics attend to them and the referee determines that they cannot continue and ends the match due to a no contest. Wait, what? What a shitty ending. This was a good match and it was a shame that it ended like this.
Winner: No Contest (2 for 4)

Now a match I was really looking forward to: Sami Zayn taking on Chris Jericho. Jericho gets the advantage after hitting Zayn to the outside with a springboard dropkick. Zayn avoids a bulldog by throwing Jericho into the turnbuckle to start a comeback. After kicking out of a blue thunder bomb, Jericho suddenly hits the codebreaker to get the win. Whilst it seemed a bit slow at times, it was an enjoyable match between the two.
Winner: Chris Jericho (3 for 5)

Next was a triple threat match for the RAW Women's Championship as Bayley and Sasha Banks challenging Charlotte, who had Dana Brooke in her corner. After some back and forth, Dana takes out Bayley allowing Charlotte to focus on Sasha's back. Bayley gets back into it and hits the belly to Bayley on  Charlotte but Sasha stops it. Sasha puts Charlotte in the Banks statement but Dana pulls her out of the ring. In the end, Charlotte hits 2 big boots on Bayley to get the win. This was a good match but most of the time, it felt it was an 1-on-1 match between Sasha and Charlotte.
Winner: Charlotte (4 for 6)

The penultimate match is for the United States Championship as Roman Reigns challenges Rusev. Rusev focuses his attack on Reigns' ribs with punches and knee strikes. Later on, Reigns gets back into it and goes out of the accolade to hit a spear. However, Lana pulls the referee out of the ring. Instead of disqualifying Rusev, the referee ejects Lana. Rusev does apply the accolade but Reigns powers out of it and hits a spear to get the win. Up until the first spear, I found the match to be boring but then it picked up the pace and it seemed to be a bit better.
Winner: Roman Reigns (4 for 7)

The main event is Seth Rollins challenging Kevin Owens  for the WWE Universal Championship. Owens takes control after hitting a brutal DDT. He then focuses on Rollin's surgically repaired knee. rollins gets back the advantage after hitting a clothesline and slingblade. There was a bit where Owens misses a senton and crashes through the German announce table. Suddenly Chris Jericho(??) runs in and Rollins hits a pedigree. However, Jericho puts Owens on the rope. Rollins then knocks down the referee after getting out of a pop up powerbomb. The action continues and Stephanie McMahon sends out another referee. Owens then hits a pop up powerbomb to get the win.

I enjoyed most of the match but then it degenerated into a clusterfuck. We were all expecting Triple H to run in so it was surprising to see Jericho do it instead. We still haven't seen him on WWE TV since then yet he was at the show as seen in a video. So, what is going on?
Winner: Kevin Owens (5 for 8)

I thought that Clash of Champions was a mixed bag. The wrestling was generally good but some of the matches were ruined with some bad endings. Hopefully, it will get better when Hell in a Cell comes around.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

WWE Clash of Champions 2016 Preview

WWE Clash of Champions 2016 Poster.jpg

WWE Clash of Champions will be taking place this evening at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. With 5 Championships, how will the 1st RAW exclusive Pay-Per-View in over 9 years? Let's look at the card.

Alicia Fox vs Nia Jax
Yeah, Nia Jax will destroy Alicia Fox here.
Predicted Winner: Nia Jax

Cesaro vs Sheamus
The final match of the series will be taking place and I think that Sheamus will win here.
Predicted Winner: Sheamus

Rusev vs Roman Reigns
United States Championship
This is a tough one to call as I can see Reigns. However, I think that Rusev will win here.
Predicted Winner: Rusev

Charlotte vs Sasha Banks vs Bayley
WWE Women's Championship
This has the potential of being the match of the night and one that I'm looking forward to. I would love Sasha to win but I feel that Charlotte will win here.
Predicted Winner: Charlotte

Sami Zayn vs Chris Jericho
This is another match that I'm looking forward to and a tough one to call. I'm going for Jericho to win here.
Predicted Winner: Chris Jericho

The New Day vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson
WWE Tag Team Championships
Whilst I've mostly enjoyed the New Day's reign, I feel it might be time for a change so Anderson and Gallows to win here.
Predicted Winners: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

TJ Perkins vs The Brian Kendrick
WWE Cruiserweight Championship
This could be a good match. I can't see Perkins losing so he will win here.
Predicted Winner: TJ Perkins

Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins
WWE Universal Championship
I'm a big fan of both these guys so I'm looking forward to this one. I think that Owens will win here with maybe a little help from Triple H.
Predicted Winner: Kevin Owens

I'll get to watch the show during the week and post my review then. Until then I hope you guys enjoy the show.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Cruiserweight Classic: Episode 10

The final episode of thge Cruiserweight Classic took place last Wednesday at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida. Who will be the winner of the tournament? Let's take a look.

Zack Sabre Jr (England) vs Gran Metalik (Mexico)
Metalik doesn't fuck around at the beginning as he dropkicks Sabre out of the ring then hitting an over the top suicide dive. Sabre does get back into it, putting Metalik in complex stretches and submission moves. The match goes back and forth with Metalik hitting a standing shooting star press and Sabre hitting an European uppercut followed by a penalty kick.Metalik eventually manages to hit the Metalik driver to get the win. This was such an enjoyable match and I'm gutted that Sabre lost. However, I've become a big fan of Gran Metalik over the tournament so I'm happy that he won.

Kota Ibushi (Japan)  vs  TJ Perkins (Phillipines)
Ibushi tries to hit his kicks early on but Perkins blocks them each time. There was a great bit where Ibushi goes for the golden star powerbomb but Perkins reverses into a DDT then hits an inverted lungblower for 2. Ibushi does hit his finishing move but Perkins somehow kicks out, shocking everyone in the arena. In the end, Perkins avoids another golden star powerbomb and applys the kneebar. He then adds a leg cross andpulls back hard on the neck and make Ibusi submit and win the match. Wow. I honestly did not see that coming as I was convinced that it would be an Ibushi/Metalik final. This was an amazing match and a definite match of the year contender.

Noam Dar and Cedric Alexander vs Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampia
Alexander and Dar wear down Ciampia before he tags in Gargano. Alexander later on puts Gargano in an ankle lock with a grapevine but Ciampia stops it. After Alexander hits a very close near fall, Gargano and Ciampia get the win after hitting Alexander with their superkick/knee combo. This was an enjoyable match and I look forward to see how Alexander and Dar do on RAW.

TJ Perkins (Philippines) vs Gran Metalik (Mexico)
Before that match starts, Triple H comes out and announces that the winner of the match will also be crownied the new Cruiserweight Champion. Two quick things:
1) Didn't everyone know that anyway?
2) Wouldn't it make sense to announce this earlier on instead of like, 2 seconds before the bell rings.

Anyway, the match starts at a slow pace with both guys applying locka and holds. There was an awesome bit when Perkins is on the apron and Metalik hurdles the top rope to hit a frankensteiner. Perkins applies the kneebar a couple of times but Metalik gets out of it each time. Metalik does hit the Metalik driver  but, due to his injured knee, he is slow to make the cover and Perkins kicks out. In the end, Perkins getsd the win after getting out of a top rope Metalik driver getting Metalik to submit with a kneebar with a leg cross.

I have to admit that , out of the final four, TJ Perkins was the last one that I expected to win it. Unfortuantely, in the end this is a WWE product. Ibushi and Sabre turned down a WWE contract. and erkins is probably the best guy to be the face of the cruiserweight division. I do wonder tho if Ibushi would have won it if he had accepted a WWE contract.

I really enjoyed the inaugural Cruiserweight Classic. There were some amazing matches, including 3 contenders for match of the year, and it was great to see so many different styles in the matches. Hopefully, we get the same again.

Monday, 19 September 2016

WWE Backlash 2016 Review

WWE Backlash, Smackdown's first exclusive Pay-Per-View for over 9 and a half years, took place on Sunday 11th September at the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, Virignia. We get to see new Championships for the Women's and Tag Team divisions, so who will they be? Let's take a look.

The match on the Kick Off Show was Baron Corbin taking on Apollo Crews. There were some close calls with Crews hitting an Olympic slam and Corbinf hitting Deep 6. In the end, Corbin hits End of Days to get the win. A decent match between the two.
Winner: Baron Corbin (0 for 1)

After Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan introduce the show, we get Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch, Carmella, Naomi, Natalya and Nikki Bella in a Six-Pack elimination match for the Smackdown Women's Championship. Nikki almost gets the first elimination after hitting Carmella with an Alabama slam. Naomi eliminates Alexa after hitting a top rope neckbreaker/superplex combo with help from Natalya. Natalya then eliminates Naomi by getting her to submit to the sharpshooter. Nikki eliminates Natalya with a TKO but she is immediately eliminated thanks to a roll up by Carmella. In the end, Becky gets Carmella to submit to the dis-arm-her to become the inaugural Smackdown Women's Champion. I really enjoyed this match but I thought the eliminations were a bit too close together.
Winner: Becky Lynch (1 for 2)

Next was the second chance match in Tag Team Championship Tournament with The Usos taking on The Hype Bros. The Usos focus their attack on Zack Ryder and, despite a fightback by Mojo Rawley, Jimmy Uso gets Ryder to submit with a single leg Boston crab with a arm grapevine. This was quite a decent match and The Usos will face Heath Slater and Rhyno in the final.
Winners: The Usos (2 for 3)

We now got the Intercontinental Championship with Dolph Zigger challenging Hollywood Miz. Miz attacks the left leg and, despite Ziggler hitting a fameasser and applying a sleeper, Maryse sprays him in the face followed by Miz hitting a skull crushing finale to get the win. This was a good match and I liked the ending. Quite a few times now Maryse has helped Miz win a match without him knowing. I wonder if WWE would use that in a storyline.
Winner: The Miz (3 for 4)

 The next match was supposed to be Bray Wyatt against Randy Orton. However, Bray attacked Randy earlier in the night meaning that he is unable to continue and Bray wins by forfeit. Bray instead is forced into a no holds barred match against a returning Kane. Wyatt uses a steel chair to attack Kane and later on, hits a running senton driving Kane through the Spanish announce table. However, it was all in vain as Randy Orton runs down to hit a RKO on Wyatt. Kane then hits him with a chokeslam to get the win. I enjoyed this match but Bray loses againloses again. Can anyone remember the last time Bray won a match on Pay-Per-View.
Winner: Kane (N/A)

The penultimate match is The Usos taking on Heath Slater and Rhyno for the Smackdown Tag Team ChampionshipThe Usos focus their attacks on Slater after they suplex him into the ringpost. Slater do eventually tag in Rhyno but he's back in the match soon after. The end comes when Jimmy Uso hits Slater with a superkick. However, while the referee is dealing with Jey Uso, Rhyno hits Jimmy with a gioreand Slater pins him to get the win. This was an enjoyable match and well done to Heath Slater and Rhyno on becoming the inaugural Smackdown Tag Team Champions.
Winners: Heath Slater and Rhyno (3 for 6)

The main event is AJ Styles challenging Dean Ambrose for the WWE World Championship. Styles trash talks during the match and gets the early advantage after getting out of a sunset flip and immediately hitting a flying forearm. The match goes back and forth between the two with Ambrose hitting a sit out facebuster and Styles suplexing Ambrose into the turnbuckle. In the end, Styles knocks Ambrose  into the referee and Styles takes advantage to hit the Styles clash to get the win and become the new WWE World Champion. This was a really good match and Styles is on fire right now so it makes sense for him to be the Champion right now.
Winner: (4 for 7)

I thought that Backlash was a good show with some enjoyable matches and I'm looking forward to seeing how the new Champions  do on the show.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The Cruiserweight Classic: Episode 9

The final matches of the quarter finals of the Cruiserweight Classic took place in this episode, which was shown on Wednesday 7th September. Who will join Gran Metalik and Kota Ibushi in the final four? Let's take a look.

Zack Sabre Jr (England) vs Noam Dar (Scotland)
Both these guys have faced each other numerous times in the British wrestling scene so this should be interesting. Sabre focuses on Dar's left arm while Dar focuses on Sabre's left knee. In the end, Sabre uses his legs, as he had a hurt arm, to apply the rings of Saturn to get the win by submission. This was a really good match and this was Dar's best match in the tournament.

Rich Swann (United States) vs TJ Perkins (Philippines)
During the match, Swann injures his knee while doing a moonsault slowing him down. This means that Swann has to change his offence, hitting moves such as a fisherman's driver. However, it was in vain as Perkins hits a pele kick and applies a kneebar to win the match by submission. I was quite surprised that Perkins won but this was another good match.

Next episode is the live finale and we will be getting a winner. I'll post the review of it after I've watched Backlash.

Monday, 12 September 2016

WWE Backlash 2016 Preview

Backlash 2016 Poster.jpg

WWE Backlash, Smackdown Live's first Pay-Per-View, is taking place this evening at the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond. Virginia. We will get to crown a new Women's Champion as well as new Tag Team Champions. So, who will they be? Let's look at the card.

Apollo Crews vs Baron Corbin
This has the ability to be a decent match and I think that Crews will win here.
Predicted Winner: Apollo Crews

The Usos vs The Hype Bros
Smackdown Tag Team Championship Tournament
This is a tough one to call but I think that The Usos will win here to help with the heel turn.
Predicted Winners: The Usos

Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt
Another opportunity for this to be a good match. I think that Wyatt will find some dubious way to win here.
Predicted Winner: Bray Wyatt

Heath Slater and Rhyno vs The Usos/Hype Bros
Smackdown Tag Team Championship Tournament Final
This is an interesting one to watch as I can see any one of these teams winning. I feel that The Usos will win and Heath Slater will remain a free agent.
Predicted Winners: The Usos

Dolph Ziggler vs Hollywood Miz
Intercontinental Championship
This should be a good match to watch and I would love Ziggler to win. However, I feel that Miz, who has been amazing since he's been Champion, will win here.
Predicted Winner: The Miz

Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch vs Carmella vs Naomi vs Natalya vs Nikki Bella
Smackdown Women's Championship
This match is one that I'm really looking forward to seeing. I feel that Becky Lynch will win it but with Nikki Bella and Carmella in a feud, one of them could win it. I'm going to go with Becky on this one.
Predicted Winner: Becky Lynch

AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose
WWE World Championship
Another match that I'm looking forward to seeing. AJ Styles has been on fire for a few months on his heel run and I feel that he has to win here.
Predicted Winner: AJ Styles

I'll be watching the show during the week so I'll post the review then. Until then, I hope you guys enjoy the show.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The Cruiserweight Classic: Episode 8

The quarter finals begin in this episode of the Cruiserweight Classic, which was screened last week. Who will progress to the final 4 after this episode? Let's take a look.

Akira Tozowa (Japan) vs Gran Metalik (Mexico)
There were a lot of kicking in this match with Tozowa hitting kicks to the face and Metalik hitting variations of dropkicks. They also managed to hit suicide dives at some point. Tozowa managed to hit a deadlift into a German suplex pin but Metalik kicked out. Metalik eventually hit the Metalik driver to get the win.

This was a good match and I was surprised that Metalik won. However, I like both guys and it's a shame that only one person can win this.

The Brian Kendrick (United States) vs Kota Ibushi (Japan)
This match had so many highlights including: Ibushi hitting a powerslam followed by a  moonsault; Kendrick hitting sliced bread; Ibushi hitting a German suplex from the apron into the ring; and Kendrick hitting a fucking burning hammer(!) Eventually, Ibushi manages to hit  a sit down powerbomb to get the win.

This was such an enjoyable match, with the main highlight being Kendrick hitting the burning hammer. For those who don't know the significance of that, it is the finishing move of legendary Japanese wrestler Kenta Kobashi. However, it is a move that he only ever used only 7 times in his entire career. Kendrick's whole story in this tournament was that this was probably his last big chance and you saw that in his matches. Using the burning hammer was a sign of desperation by Kendrick and it must have heartbreaking for Ibushi to kick out at 2.99. It was so sad to see Kendrick lose and it was a touching moment to see commentator Daniel Bryan, who has been supporting him throughout, hug him afterwards. As for Ibushi, he had three amazing matches so far, with the one against Cedric Alexander being a strong contender for my match of the year. Ibushi is many people's favourite to win the tournament and it's easy to see why.

Another great episode of the Cruiserweight Classic is now in the books. I might be watching the next episode live and possibly live tweeting but it will be shown at 2 in the morning here in the UK so I'm not sure yet. Keep an eye on my twitter feed for updates (@lodownwrestling)

Saturday, 3 September 2016

The Cruiserweight Classic: Episode 7

The final matches of the second round of the Cruiserweight Classic took place in this episode that was shown on Wednesday 24th August. How will the quarter finals look after the final matches? Let's take a look.

Lince Dorado (Puerto Rico) vs Rich Swann (United States)
Both guys had the chance to show their amazing high flying skills plus we saw a little bit of dancing by Dorado. Swann takes advantage of a missed shooting star press to hit a phoenix splash to get the win. This was a great combination of speed and high flying offense and it was great to see.

Drew Gulak (United States) vs Zack Sabre Jr (England)
Gulak, not happy with the praise levelled at Sabre, really took it to his opponent. We got to see the match go back and forth with counter after counter. In the end, Sabre reverses a dragon slepper into a bridging pin to get the win. This was an entertaining match but I'm not happy with WWE putting the two British wrestlers against each other in the quarter finals. With me being Scottish, I obviously want Noam Dar to win but Sabre is the better wrestler so I will be torn over that match.

Johnny Gargano (United States) vs TJ Perkins (Phillipines)
Both guys hit some big moves such as Perkins reversing a kick into a sit out powerbomb; and Gargano hittinh a brutal lawn dart for a 2 count. However, Gargano's left knee, which he injured at Takeover Brooklyn II the previous Saturday, flared up. Perkins, who isn't a idiot, focused his attacks on ti and eventaully applied a knee bar. Gargano submitted, shocking the crowd, and Perkins goes to the quarter finals. This match was thoroughly entertaining and fair play to WWE. This was taped a few weeks before Takeover and to have the finish of that match play into this match was some very clever booking.

The second round is now over which had some amazing matches. Next episode will be the beginning of the quarter finals and I will be really looking forward to seeing how that goes.